Expedia Voucher Codes April 2018

We all like to travel, don’t we? But the problems are lurking and making an ambush to spoil all of our travel plans. Don’t you wish you had a single place where you could easily find a hotel, a flight or, even better, these two combined?! Do you hope you could somehow get a reasonable discount to save some money while travelling to your favourite destination?!

Well, you can stop the wishful thinking since your dreams have been fulfilled with expedia.co.uk. An Expedia voucher code can help you visit places you’ve always dreamed of but couldn’t afford the trip. Read on and find out everything there is to know about voucher codes and the latest promotional offers on the best travel booking website.

Expedia.co.uk is a branch of the world’s largest online travel company, famous for its vouchers and discounted prices. According to the data on their website, discount flights are available on more than 450 airlines worldwide. The owners of this London-based company boast of having over 321 thousand accommodation properties to offer all over the world. Taking all those things into consideration, a question beckons – how to find valid promo codes and which of them are the best?

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Expedia Discount Code 2018

One of the ways this company has skyrocketed in the past decade is by offering a unique voucher code. You can get a discounted price in many ways; however, the easiest one is by becoming a member. When you register on Expedia’s website by merely entering your email, not only do you get access to member pricing but you also get £10 off your next order. This voucher code may be used for any given activity, hotel or transportation booked on Expedia.

Since Expedia has developed a partnership with hundreds of airlines worldwide – both low-cost and regular – you could also use an Expedia flight discount code and save money while travelling. Furthermore, if you would like to take care of every aspect of your trip in one go, you can also make use of Expedia’s holiday packages. In these bundle deals, accommodation and transportation are combined into a great-value purchase when you add the Expedia flight and hotel discount.

However, make sure to check Expedia’s terms and conditions, as all coupon codes and discounts are associated with different rules. Aside from that, there are frequent coupon giveaways for UK users for activities, flights, hotels, and so on; all of which can be found at the Expedia UK official website. More often than not, there will be an Expedia discount code £10 off for different hotels, activities, car rentals, and transportation.

Expedia UK vs Expedia.com Promo Codes

A lot of websites offer discount codes, but the only ones we recommend using are the ones located on their homepage and, therefore, in this article. There’s a common mistake that people make and that’s assuming the benefit they get on Expedia.com applies to the UK version of the website as well. However, that is not the case. For instance, if you’re living in the United Kingdom, make sure you get a UK-specific promo code because an Expedia voucher code obtained on Expedia.com will not be valid for purchases made on Expedia.co.uk and vice versa.

Saving Without an Expedia Voucher Code

There are a lot of deals on Expedia that don’t include coupons or promo codes. The ‘Deals’ page on Expedia.co.uk is where you might want to make your travel plans. This is the place to find your dream-destination at a pocket-friendly price.

Expedia Student Discount

Expedia knows student days can be hard and that’s why they’ve enabled you a significant discount when booking hotels on Expedia.co.uk – 10% per booking. Through their cooperation with Unidays, Expedia enabled all students to get a reasonable price cut. To redeem the discount, confirm your status at Unidays and enjoy your bargain deal!

Travel Smarter

If you book early, Expedia will give you a discount of at least 25% for selected hotels. At the moment of speaking, on this page, you can find deals for extra 8% or £30 off chosen packages and even 20% off on food and beverages. All you need to do is visit their website and exploit the offer – no Expedia voucher codes are required!

Cheap Deals

This is where the magic happens. Here, Expedia offers some of the best – and most competitive packages for visiting popular destinations like Prague, Barcelona, Rome or Paris.

Free Extras

Visiting the free extras section is yet another way to save without looking for Expedia promo codes. While checking the free extras, you’ll find some useful extras while staying at one of Expedia’s selected hotels. When booking, look for hotels with a gift logo to see the special offer they have in store for you.

Packages Under £179

This is rather self-explanatory – use this promo to get a flight+hotel package for less than £179. The price is per person and includes a hotel room for a stated travel period and a round-trip fare.

Last Minute Deals

A penny saved is a penny earned, an old proverb says. If you like last-minute planning, Expedia.co.uk has an abundance of deals for you. Book your trip the same week you travel and you could get up to 60% discount on various destinations. The best part – you don’t even need an Expedia discount code to redeem this offer which will save you some precious time!

Unreal Deals

Contrary to how they’re called, these deals are as real as it gets. When you book your flight and hotel at one go, you’ll get a discount matching a one-night free stay

Daily Deals

Expedia UK offers an abundance of great deals on a daily basis. They only last 24 hours so if you notice something you like, you better hurry up and book it. For instance, there’s a specific offer of flights which cost £79 or less; and when we say ‘less’, we mean a lot less than £79. You can fly from London to Frankfurt for as little as £24. Flight deals like this one will make you forget that other forms of transportation and Expedia UK promo code offers even exist.

Expedia+ Rewards

Joining this members-only club will allow you to access exclusive discounts and bonuses. You receive some useful benefits such as doubling your Expedia points, priority customer service, and earning points by booking for other people. Downloading the Expedia app can also increase you Expedia+ points. All you have to do is enter your phone number and request a text with an installation link. Aside from that, you could enjoy the +VIP Access benefits, which include free breakfast, spa credits, or free room upgrades at Expedia’s handpicked selection of premium hotels.

Nectar Rewards

Every time you book on Expedia, you can also collect points on UK’s most significant loyalty program. Later on, you can use them as vouchers for travel on Expedia. To join this program, you need to register on Nectar.com, and you’ll receive a Nectar card you can use on Expedia. In order to collect points, enter your Nectar card number during checkout, and you’ll get your points 35 days after your journey. 500 points will give you a discount of £2.50.

However, you can also obtain Expedia discount codes through this rewards program. The minimum number of points you need to get an Expedia voucher is 2000, which means the least you can save with a Nectar card is £10. To convert your Nectar points into an Expedia voucher, call 0203 027 5943.

Customer Support  

Like most online companies, Expedia has a well-developed customer support system which you can use to submit your complaints, queries, issues, give feedback, and so on. There are numerous ways to reach out to Expedia’s customer service, and you’ll probably find many questions about the occasional Expedia discount code offers. However, we strongly advise you to browse through their extensive ‘Help Topics’ section, where you can find solutions to the most frequently occurring issues or questions.

Travel the World with Expedia

To sum up, Expedia.co.uk is one of the best places to turn to when planning your holiday. Whether you’re looking for a student discount or a flight voucher, you will surely find an Expedia voucher code to satisfy your needs. So, join Expedia+ today and make use of the app discounts, double the points, and send us a picture from one of the beautiful destinations you’ve visited using one of these fantastic deals we’ve talked about!

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