Amazon Voucher Codes April 2018

Amazon was born and raised from the ground up thanks to John Bezos’ efforts to join the Internet boom in the 1990s. An interesting fact is that he initially bought the domain since that’s what he wanted to call the company. However, he had a change of heart, and in 1995, went online. Amazon was launched in Bezos’ garage in Bellevue and grew to become the largest Internet retailer in the world. The main reasons behind this company’s success are the great variety of diverse products, exceptional customer service, and the Amazon voucher code which can provide significant savings.

When looking for a discount code, UK shoppers have a lot of country-targetted options. Amazon UK is directly responsible for more than 24,000 job openings bringing a substantial economic impact on one of Europe’s leading economies. Speaking of economic benefits, we all like to save money, and getting promo codes is an excellent way to do so. If you continue reading, you’ll learn about how and where to get an Amazon discount code, the terms of redeeming it, as well as some UK-valid promo code samples. Without further ado, let’s discuss voucher codes and other saving opportunities!

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Amazon Voucher Code Offers

Getting your hands on a discount code is straightforward and can be done in a variety of ways. However, you should first know which is the right place to locate them; for example, Tesco is not somewhere you’ll find voucher codes.

There’s no need to visit other websites since the only source you need to rely on is While there are offers on other sites, the best way of getting promo codes is either on-site, via newsletter or their social media profiles.

Collecting and Applying an Amazon Discount Code

All promotional codes are redeemed either by using the one-click collect voucher system or by entering the code during the checkout process. On the other hand, collecting coupon codes on Amazon is also straightforward. You can browse through the Amazon UK website and find voucher codes, use click coupons, or subscribe to their newsletter.

The simplest way to obtain an Amazon voucher code is through the aptly named click coupons. Browse the selection and merely click on the one you like to add it to your basket. When you add an associated product to your cart, the discount is going to be automatically applied.

Of course, you need to be logged in to your account at Moreover, female shoppers, note that this is the easiest way to get an Amazon fashion discount. All you need to do is select the respective category and see how much can you save on related products.

To avoid spamming you with meaningless emails at Amazon, there is a list of newsletter subscription options for you to choose. This way, you can customize your newsletter experience by subscribing only to the offers you want to see in your mailbox.

For instance, you can try the so-called subscribe and save vouchers which are available for all Amazon users. If you subscribe to a specific group of products, you become eligible for an Amazon discount code – UK version, that will provide you either with a 10% discount off your entire order or up to 35% off on specific products. This offer goes to prove that you needn’t refer to third-party websites like Vouchercloud or RetailMeNot.

Amazon Promo Code Alternatives

Logically enough, promo codes redemption is one of the best ways to save while purchasing at Amazon – however, it’s not the only one. Take a look at a vast number of alternatives you have when you run out of vouchers!

Amazon Warehouse

If you can’t afford what you’ve wanted to buy even after applying vouchers and discounts – you can try finding your item in Amazon’s Warehouse deals. There you will find high-quality used products, at affordable prices.

Daily and Lighting Deals

When it comes to obtaining Amazon voucher codes this year brought some exciting deals. Still, there are days when you need to shop, and you can’t find a good deal for you among the voucher-based offers. In such cases, you could refer to Amazon’s daily deals.

As their name suggests, these deals expire in 24 hours, and among them, you’ll often find lighting deals as well. These offers expire in a much shorter period and are often sold out in no-time. However, you can watch upcoming deals and get a notification as soon as they’re on offer.

Free Shipping

There are several ways to become eligible for free shipping, and none of them includes buying Amazon gift vouchers – free shipping services can’t be purchased at Amazon. However, as listed in Amazon’s shipping policy, they can be easily obtained. If you order books for more than £10, you get free shipping. The same applies to all other products; only the minimum order amount is £20.

Amazon Sale

As far as the coupon code offers are concerned, 2018 has been outstanding so far. Still, besides these coupon codes, you can always find discounts in the sale section. You can find discounts up to 70% on more than 30,000 items.

Amazon Clearance

If you don’t satisfy your shopaholic appetite in the sales collection, you can choose a discounted item from the outlet collection. To find clearance items, select the ‘clearance’ option on the left side of the search box and enjoy the bargains that come up.

Amazon Prime

Joining the Amazon Prime club costs only £7.99 per month, with the first one being a free trial month. Members get access to many different offers, including Amazon prime videos, ad-free music as well as access to lighting deals 30 minutes before the rest of the Amazon users.

We cannot guarantee that you’ll get an Amazon Prime membership voucher as soon as you sign up. However, if you join the Amazon Prime club, you’ll open the door for many discounts and high-quality deals such as the ones discussed below.

Prime Now

Prime Now is so far available in nine cities across the UK. All you need to do is enter your postcode, and you can get a two-hour delivery of many different items. Moreover, you could benefit from the occasional Prime Now £10 off deal as well as free shipping on all orders over £40.

Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry is a program available for all Amazon Prime club members. Shopping Pantry is somewhat different than how you usually shop at Amazon. First, you need to select products with an Amazon Pantry label on them and put them in a box.

When the box is full, complete the order and get the everyday essentials you bought delivered to your doorstep for £2.99 for the first box and 99p for each additional box in the same order. There’s also the option for free delivery Amazon promo code if you order four eligible items.

Amazon Family

Amazon Family is yet another Prime-exclusive discount that customers can benefit from. Namely, all prime members get a 20% off on baby food and diapers subscriptions. However, the offer is only valid if you subscribe to at least five products in a given month.

Prime Student

Amazon partnered with Braun and announced an offer including a six-month-long trial of Amazon Prime as well as unlimited photo storage and one-day delivery. After the trial period, Prime Student costs only £39 annually.

Gift Cards

Before we wrap up this article, we’d like to tell you to stop looking for gift vouchers because neither E-Gift Cards UK nor Amazon itself has them in stock. While there is no such thing as gift card codes, UK residents can purchase paid gift cards on or third-party websites and stores.

When speaking about third-party stores providing gift cards, Argos, for instance, is not known for their involvement in such actions. However, if you want an Amazon gift card, Sainsbury’s stores are verified purchase locations. The price tag of these gift cards is the same as the one found on Amazon.

Reasonable Discounts at the World’s Largest Online Marketplace

Smart shopping is the best way to go shopping. Shopping at Amazon can be classified as the smartest option, especially if you want to save some extra money. Based on what we’ve outlined so far, we must conclude that it’s pretty easy to get an Amazon voucher code. While collecting all this information wasn’t a walk in the park for us, we have hopefully made it easier for you to recognize all the ways you can benefit from discounts at

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